Vanke New-Youth (Interior)

META-Project designed Vanke NEW YOUTH residence project covering 150,000 square meters in Yizhuang New Tech Development Zone also called for a temporary Sales Gallery Prototype inside the city park nearby the project site, and when its sales functions fulfilled, this temporary construction would become a subsidiary public space for the park. 

The solution is to adopt an architectural prototype with a clear design point to practice a highly modular and a whole easy-to-assemble design –built process. 

This prototype of sales offices, after a series of space creation, is presented as an entity with strong volume and a strong sense of presence, floating above the almost disappearing and completely open ground floor; generating a strong contrast and tension on the outside, while inside displayed with rich and varied spatial characteristics. And with the highly modular construction system, it has very strong adaptability and enforceability.

LOCATION Yizhuang, Beijing
DATE 2013
CLIENT Vanke Beijing, Exhibition space
PROGRAM Sales Center
AREA 1300 sqm
STATUS Construction Completed, 2013
DESIGN TEAM Wang Shuo,Zhang Jing,Lan Tin,Liu Xinxin,Chang Qianqian,Cheng Yin,Wang Han,Ding Rui,Li Shuang