Power Plant Regeneration

"Jewelry Box” is a planning proposal that aim at revitalize the Moganshan Power Plant campus to the north of the famous tourist destination "west lake" in Hangzhou. At the same time it offers an alternative commercial epicenter to the too-crowded historicsl city center on the east bank of the lake.

Formerly hosting several heavy industrial plants, the Moganshan Road area was once considered to be the service zone for the tourism city. While the new waves of development have pushed far outside the city core, this area has seen more and more residence relocated. The Moganshan Power Plant is right at the annex point of two major arterials: the vehicle traffic and the water way.

The proposal transfers the former power plant to a mega-complex of 300,000 sqm. It aims at conclude all aspects of the life for the surrounding neighborhood, from restaurants, cinema, supermarket, to high-end boutique stores.