Courtyard by the West Sea (Interior)

The project  is located in a narrow  base between XiHai east corridor  and Deshengmen Inner Avenue,  the homeowner hoped to renovate this land into a space with a kind of Beijing  Hutong  cultural characteristics, while meeting a series of contemporary mixed-use features.

META-Project combed through existing structures before conducting a detailed renovation and in- tervention. By forming a“three-step-courtyard “in a special sense, the courtyard has created a spatial experience with multiple levels and a rhythm between void and concrete.And by carefully constructed volcanic rock, catalpa wood and tube tile, it has introduced into the courtyard a feel as if walking in the alley with rich material experiences. In order to continue the daily hutong courtyard experience into the interior space, “golden brick” flooring and grey brick walling were introduced together with dark-colored wood grid screen defining a fluidized space. Also, different “windows” have become the “transformer” linking and mutually penetrating inside and the external environ- ment. Ongoing dialogue between the exterior city and the interior intends to find and elaborate a Beijing  hutong  life in contemporary qualities.

LOCATION West Sea, Beijing
DATE April, 2013 - October, 2013
CLIENT Private Client
PROGRAM Tea Room, Dining, Party, Office, Meeting, Living, Entertainment
AREA 800㎡
STATUS Construction Completed
DESIGN TEAM Wang Shuo, Zhang Jing, Yaping Wu, Yin Cheng, Qianqian Chang, Han Wang, Guowei Zhang, Tian Lan