RESET Apartment

The RESET Apartment functions as it’s name suggests: it can be arranged in many different ways according to the inhabitant’s usage, but when needed, it can be reset to the initial - most empty stage in a flash time.
The owner of this apartment has such a lifestyle that it requires two extreme layout to co-exist: at one hand the intention to leave the space as empty as possible, so it can be a public/event space; at the other hand the preference to maximize the flexibility of the space at no compromise of the amenities to serve all his life/hobbies, from the basics – bed /toilet/ shower cube / kitchenette, to working desk / meeting lounge /experiment lab / library / fish tank / cabinet for his collections / video gaming, and at times to turn the apartment entirely to a party place!

We have condensed all functions into two groups: the living and the extra-living, each group is build into one corner of the room as multiple sliding wall-shelf units, and can be pulled out and slides around when necessary, like the library shelves. By using a simple mechanism, the adaptive arrangementhas effectivelyanswer the inhabitant’s multiple needs to a single space. Once in a while, like pushing the ‘reset’ button, the apartment goes back to an empty studio.  

LOCATION Pingguo Community, East Third Ring Road, Beijing
DATE July, 2011-July, 2012
CLIENT Private Client
PROGRAM Living, Working, Party, Exhibition, Game, Movie
AREA 80m²
STATUS Schematic Design
DESIGN TEAM Shuo Wang, Jing Zhang, Zhimin Zhou, Qianqian Chang, Qunli Guo