Sbra Sanctuary

Sbra Sanctuary is an initiative aimed at revitalising the indigenous Tibetan nomadic community amidst rapid cultural shifts and environmental degradation. Tailored for and developed with the local community, it transforms the traditional Sbra ('black tent' in Tibetan) into a communal hub. It seamlessly bridges various aspects of nomadic life, facilitating the revitalisation of traditional crafts and skills, restoration of religious beliefs, and reconciliation of fractured cultures across generations. Eventually, it aims to achieve ‘Jeud’, the vitality cherished in Tibetan belief.

Sbra Sanctuary’s portable tensile structure echoes with the sacred mountain and leaves no permanent ecological footprint. It immerses people in nature, fostering a profound dialogue with the environment through its filtered views and modulated light and airflow. The project presents an alternative to unsustainable patterns of spatial production and consumption.

Through this project, we propose a new way of diverse practice in which architecture is not a static object but a dynamic process of reweaving the broken socio-cultural-ecological network, empowering indigenous nomads to be proactive in caring for their homeland — our shared nature.


Ranrika, Litang County, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan


Design 2022/7-2023/4           Completion: 2023/7 


Shanghai Charity Foundation


Nomad Communal Hub




Wang Shuo, Zhang Fan, Liu Da, Tsering Dhondun (Tibetan), Zhang bin, Estherlynn Song, Zhang Lei


Wang Shuo, Mozi